Practicing Jews: Art, Identity and Culture focuses on the contribution of Jewish artists and theorists to 20th and 21st century culture and the conceptual diaspora that moved Jewish thinking out into the mainstream in ways that have yet to be fully articulated. For Jewish artists historically, Jewishness may not be at the foreground of identity; however, this conference intends to raise questions about both the nature of Jewishness and the nature of “Jewish Art” in North America as well as Jewish identity in general.

Through papers, presentations, performances and dialogue, Practicing Jews: Art, Identity and Culture will create a space to engage the questions that arise out of the intersection of art, theory, performance and Jewish identity. These proceedings are a collection of papers and presentations given at the 2007 Practicing Jews: Art, Identity and Culture Conference (an outreach component of the Conney Project on Jewish Arts, directed by Professor Douglas Rosenberg).